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As your child grows, the dental care they receive will determine their oral hygiene habits and oral health for the rest of their lives. At North Park Dental, we’re proud to offer skillful, compassionate dental care for kids and encourage healthy habits that will last a lifetime. Whether you’re a new parent or have just moved to the area, Dr. Munoz can provide a great dental home for your child, and ensure they get the care they need as they grow and mature. 

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The Benefits Of Pediatric Dentistry At North Park Dental

Dr. Munoz treats children of all ages with personalized care, from toddlers to teens
We emphasize an informative, child-friendly approach to help your little one learn more about dental care and stay comfortable during their visits
North Park Dental offers a full range of preventive care services for kids, including cleanings, fluoride treatments, dental sealants, and more
Laughing gas sedation is available to help children who may be anxious or nervous about their upcoming dental appointment
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When Should My Child See The Dentist For The First Time?

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentists (AAPD), your child should start seeing a dentist once their first tooth has erupted or by their first birthday (whichever comes first). Seeing a dentist from a young age will make the process more familiar and will help your child avoid dental anxiety in the future. This will also allow our team to track your child’s oral development and catch any issues as early as possible.

What Is A Dental Home And Why Is It Important? 

The term “dental home” refers to the dental office that will handle the majority of your family’s cleanings, preventive treatments, and other dental care. The concept of a dental home is important because it has a number of benefits for your child as they grow up. When you find a dental home, your child will quickly become familiar with the dentist and staff, which means your little one will feel more comfortable during routine visits.

The biggest benefit is that your dentist will be able to track your child’s oral health and development as they grow up. This can reveal hidden dental issues, and ensure that your child gets the treatment they need for strong teeth and a healthy, carefree smile.

What Can I Expect From My Child’s First Dental Visit? 

If your child is very young and only has a few of their teeth, Dr. Munoz will clean your child’s gums and each of their teeth, and examine their mouth. Then, he will discuss their oral health with you, and provide you with information on your child’s growing mouth and how you can care for their teeth and gums.

If your child is older (2-3 years) and has the majority of their teeth, they’ll get a comprehensive cleaning, just like an adult would. Our dental hygienists will remove plaque from their teeth, buff and polish them, then floss to remove any remaining debris. Then, Dr. Munoz will examine their mouth to look for any signs of potential issues and discuss his findings with you. We may also recommend x-rays if we deem them necessary.

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“I had a great experience at North Park Dental- staff is super friendly, prices are great, and Dr Munoz is awesome! Highly recommend.”

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“Mega recomendado muy lindas personas excelente atencion”

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