Is It Safe To Visit The Dentist During Coronavirus?

Wondering if it’s safe to come and see the team at North Park Dental for routine dental care during the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak? Like many other offices in Texas and the rest of the US, we’re now open and accepting patients for treatment.

But that doesn’t mean we’re willing to endanger your safety. You can rest assured that Dr. Munoz and the team at North Park Dental are taking every possible step to keep you safe from COVID-19 during your appointment. Read on, and learn more about how we’re protecting you.

Steps We’re Taking To Protect Your Health During Routine Appointments

If you are ready to get back to your normal preventive care routine, you may notice a few things have changed at our office. Here are some of the CDC, ADA, and OSHA-recommended steps we’re taking to protect your safety and the safety of our staff.

  • Air filtration systems – We are using multiple HEPA air filters, which can remove and destroy 99.97% or more of all airborne particles, including viruses like COVID-19.
  • Pre-appointment check-ins – We’ll need you to answer a few questions about your potential exposure to COVID-19, symptoms you’ve experienced in the past few weeks, and other questions to ensure that you’re healthy.
  • Social distancing precautions – We have spread out patient appointments throughout the day to reduce the number of people in our office at once time, and have reconfigured our office to ensure at least 6 feet of distance between each patient. In addition, we ask that you come alone to your appointment unless you need the help of a caregiver to come to our office.
  • Enhanced PPE for all dental staff – All staff members are now wearing PPE like eye protection, N95 masks, face shields, gowns, caps, and shoe covers where appropriate to prevent cross-contamination between patients.
  • Hand sanitizing stations – We are providing hand sanitizer for all patients, and you’re also welcome to wash in our bathroom with soap and hot water.
  • Frequent cleaning of common surfaces – Our team members are regularly disinfecting and wiping down commonly-touched surfaces including countertops, chairs, door knobs, and tables to ensure a safe, clean environment for our patients.

An Emergency Dentist Is The Best Place To Get Help For Dental Pain & Injuries 

At North Park Dental, we’re also serving all of our patients with emergency dental care to treat dental injuries and serious dental health conditions like tooth decay, tooth infections, and gum disease.

If you are experiencing oral pain and discomfort, the best option is to see an emergency dentist like Dr. Ricardo Munoz at North Park Dental, rather than visiting the emergency room. Why? Because most ERs are not equipped to deal with dental patients, and won’t be able to provide you with proper care.

Not only that, but many ERs may be treating patients who have COVID-19 coronavirus, which could increase your risk of contracting this virus. Unless you are experiencing a life-threatening issue (such as a broken jaw or a dental issue that is affecting your breathing) it’s best to see an emergency dentist instead of going to the ER. 

Get Comprehensive Dental Care At North Park Dental – And Stay Safe! 

Whether you want to get back to your normal preventive care routine or you’re looking for an experienced emergency dentist to help with an issue like a damaged tooth or a tooth infection, Dr. Ricardo Munoz is here to help.

We’re taking every step we can to protect our patients during the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, and you can trust us to provide you with safe, expert dental care in McAllen. So don’t wait. Got questions? Ready to schedule an appointment? Just contact us online or call us at (956) 997-4044 to get started.