Does A Root Canal Count As A Dental Emergency?

If you have a serious toothache in McAllen that won’t go away, you may be wondering if root canal treatment at North Park Dental counts as a dental emergency. Can you get a same-day appointment with Dr. Ricardo Munoz to treat your smile, and restore your dental health? Find out now! 

If You Need A Root Canal, You’re Having A Dental Emergency! 

Yes, root canal treatment is a dental emergency. If you have a serious toothache that won’t go away, it’s likely that your tooth is infected, and you will need to get treatment as soon as possible.

An infected tooth is a dental emergency because it can cause serious pain and discomfort, and it will continue to deteriorate if you don’t get care right away. Eventually, an infected tooth may die and fall out of your mouth, or it can cause serious complications like swelling of your face, a high fever, or a rare blood infection (sepsis) that could be life-threatening.

For all of these reasons, you definitely should contact North Park Dental if you think you have an infected tooth and need a root canal.

If you’re experiencing symptoms like a toothache, sensitivity to heat and cold, pain when chewing, or gum tenderness/discoloration near the affected tooth, contact us right away at (956) 997-4044. 

What To Expect From Emergency Root Canal Treatment At North Park Dental 

After you give us a call to schedule your appointment, come into our office as soon as you can. At your appointment, Dr. Munoz will perform a visual examination of your mouth and will take x-rays to assess your tooth, determine how deep the infection is, and decide if root canal therapy is the right method for treatment. 

If root canal therapy is the best option for your tooth, Dr. Munoz will begin the procedure right away. He will clean and numb your mouth, then drill away any damaged or decayed enamel from your tooth. Next, he will use a dental drill to create an opening in your tooth. 

Through this opening, Dr. Munoz will remove any decayed pulp from the interior of your tooth. When the interior of your tooth has been completely cleaned, he will flush it with disinfectant to remove any bacteria that remain. Then, it will be rinsed and he will fill it with a rubber-like material that will strengthen the tooth’s interior. 

Finally, Dr. Munoz will apply a filling or a temporary crown to your tooth. If you need a permanent crown, you’ll need to come back to our office for another appointment to have it fitted and built.

Get Help For Infected Teeth In McAllen From North Park Dental

Infected teeth can be very painful, and will eventually die if they are not treated in time. Because of this, you should get a root canal from Dr. Ricardo Munoz at North Park Dental as soon as you can. Just give us a call at (956) 997-4044 to schedule your same-day emergency root canal in McAllen, and get the help you need immediately.